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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Busy bee

I had a very long memorial day weekend - 4 days, due to my Friday off. I got to see the lovely Miss Rebecca - even without electricity, her hospitality was fabulous. Plus, I got a bunch of home stuff done. I painted my front door (4 freakin' coats!), mulched my flower beds, met my new next door neighbors (poor unknowing people - they have no idea what kind of shape their building is in), fought over a package and won (rescued my potatoes from the GA Ave. post office), did innumerable loads of laundry, and knit a special gift for someone.

I did hit a bit of a snafu on Sunday when I got stuck in rolling thunder traffic. But you gotta love it. Memorial day weekend - all the DC-ites leave town, and all the bikers come into town. Quite a switch!



At 10:42 AM, Blogger bugheart said...

i have to
i like
the biker dudes
to town
than most
other visitors!


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