The Reconstruction: Kitchen v. Plants

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kitchen v. Plants

Whoa - it's a busy time here in good ol' DC. Street cleaning days are back, cherry blossoms are blooming, and the tourists have arrived in full force.

And me? Well, the kitchen has been put on hold due to design complications. And due to the fact that, well - I've been assessing my time, and I'd just rather play outside than think about cabinet box construction. I think that's okay, as long as it's a conscious choice, and not a method of escapism. After all, my plants need me to amend their soil and build raised beds, and keep Smidgen from using them as her next snack.

Uncertainty is the name of the game these days. Steve-o's med school tour 2007 has had an unexpected tour date added. As it turns out, the reviews of prior tour dates are not turning out as anticipated. So, his uncertainty is my uncertainty, which means uncertainty about the house (how much to fix, to sell or not to sell), when (not if) to switch jobs, etc. So, considering all that's going on, I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job of dealing....I mean, I haven't gone postal yet. Perhaps indulging in a little too much Ebay and yarn shopping, but a little retail therapy is better than a lot of psychotherapy. :)



At 2:48 PM, Blogger Beta said...

Maybe you also need some brunch therapy? Or coffee break therapy? I could provide my services for a very low fee.
Also, feel free to expound on the plant news of the season!


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