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Monday, January 14, 2008

Status bars

Okay, so Ravelry has me addicted to status bars. It falls right in line with my love of to-do lists. I admit it - if I do something that wasn't on the to-do list, I add it - just so I can have the joy of crossing it off. So, I added status bars to the blog to track my progress on house stuff. The bars show how far along I am in various rooms of the house. Although I am no longer living in a house without floors or drywall, I still have a bunch of stuff to do in every room. For the most part, it's not necessary stuff, but stuff that should be fixed or fixed up or improved upon somehow. I'm not counting pure decor stuff like how I need a real coffee table or how I want a tailored bed skirt (the nesting instinct is back), because I could be at that forever! But stuff like new cabinets and countertop in the kitchen, a new medicine cabinet in the bathroom, built-in shelves in the hallway, attempting to take over the semi-public entryway as an extra mini-mudroom for me. If I decide I don't need these things - well, extra status bar movement for me!

And, by the way, if your to-do lists are forever being put on stickies, junk mail envelopes, or scraps, and lost in the bottom of your workbag (am I projecting?....nah) and you want to rely even more on the internet for your daily existence (I'm not saying it's a bad thing), try this website. It keeps your lists and you can get to them anytime you can get web access. Plus, it has a progress bar of sorts, too. The bullet in front of the list name shrinks as you complete tasks from the list, and it saves your old lists so you can look back and feel all accomplished. Can't do that with the paper scraps you end up tossing, now can you?


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous chico said...

I put my lists on stickies and then loathe the stickies. I am also guilty of putting things on a list in order to feel the joy when I cross them off. Is it a sickness?


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