The Reconstruction: Busy Busy Bee

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy Busy Bee

Getting set to head off to San Diego for work. San Diego will be lovely, but I will be spending most of my daylight hours inside a hotel meeting room. Boo! Steve-o was going to come along, but he needs to save his vacation days for med school interviews (fingers and toes crossed). I actually went to San Diego a few years ago with my friends Lisa and Jen. The strangest part was that the sun set over the ocean. Being an east coast gal, I had to keep remembering that when looking at the water, north was actually on my right, not my left. It was strange to have to flip the way I was used to orienting myself. But I liked it, because I always had trouble getting up early to see sunrises over the ocean on the east coast, but enjoying a fosty beverage while watching the sun set over on the west coast was much more my speed!

After I get back, I'm hosting a dye party for some knitters, where I will try and pass on my limited dye knowledge to 8 ladies without getting dye all over myself...and them. And then it's onto my sister's wedding. My younger sis is getting hitched! Whoo-hoo! Open bar. Gosh, I sound like a lush today. Actually, it will be nice to see the fam, particularly my nephews who grow at an amazing rate.

Sooner or later, I'll get the pictures from Mexico up and accessible. Until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed on a job opportunity and trying to think up my username for Ravelry....and a business name, in case I ever start selling all this yarn I dye.



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