The Reconstruction: Take that Hurricane Dean!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Take that Hurricane Dean!

You're a loser! You try and ruin my vacation, but no! Steve-o and I are taking our little trip a few days later than planned. Big deal! More importantly - the folks there seem to be doing just fine. Though the media was being a little fatalistic. Apparently, FoxNews actually reported that the place I'm headed was "destroyed." Umm, no. They did this with the last major hurricane there, too. When they're not busy saying it is fortunate that the all-mighty U.S. will be spared by having storms smash into other countries first, they're busy claiming there is mass destruction when there isn't. I guess the news feels the need to create chaos where there isn't any.
Our little corner of heaven in Mexico got some rain and some wind, but not enough to keep folks down. Gotta love Mexico. They get up and running ASAP. The government actually does smart things like take down traffic lights and highway signs before the storm so they don't become projectiles. Electricity automatically gets cut off if winds go over 75mph. And they only put light poles on the Western side of the main that if they blow over in a hurricane, they don't block the road. FEMA and the Corps could learn a little something, huh?

There will be plenty of margaritas and ceviche and sand and warm water. There might not be a ton of fish to see when we snorkel and the turtle farm may be a little busted, but the best part - no work, no laundry, no med school applications, no job hunting (who cares that they're not calling me?!), no requirements or demands or have-to's. Isn't that the best part about vacations?

Thanks for all your support and commiserating for the past fews days.
It really did all work out. We switched our flight, but we still need to switch out hotel dates. Fingers crossed that they have rooms for the new days we need. And an extra-special thanks to my flexible cat-sitters...from both Smidgen and I. And to avoid getting stuck in Dallas-Fort Worth on the way back like last time....We're going through Miami. :)

Expect a plethora of pictures when we get back!



At 8:32 PM, Anonymous chico said...

Have a fabulous time! I love the no have-to part of vacation too! Reality is overrated sometimes.


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