The Reconstruction: Nesting

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Okay, I'm not making babies, but I am feeling an intense "nesting instinct." Steve-o is totally making fun of me. I can't blame him. It is actually rather amusing since I've never been much into things like coordinated dishtowels and household "extras." I usually think - The white towels I've had for three years are fine, why buy new ones? I'm rather practical about most house stuff. But now - it's nuts. I've decided I want a bed skirt, curtains over the blinds, new colored towels, an actual shower curtain to cover up the plain vinyl one I've got, and I want to move furniture. I go shopping, and I'm drawn to skirts and dresses and high-heeled shoes. This girly-ness must stop. I think my estogen is out of whack!

Perhaps it is my brain trying to make a last ditch effort to get my house in order and not in a constant state of flux. Steve-o and I had pondered moving, but the $ side of things just didn't make sense. So, maybe my brain is trying to make me feel better about staying in the hobbit hole. That doesn't explain the dresses, but hey - it's something.

By the way, re-moving in never really got off the ground. I think it was too daunting. The new plan is re-moving in to one room at a time. More manageable chunks=greater potential for success, right?

On a side note, Steve-o and I need a vacation. Badly! One of those do nothing, relax, drink frosty beverages, and forget what day it is - kind of vacations. Hola Mexico!

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