The Reconstruction: Bambi strikes again

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bambi strikes again

So, there I am, in my garden plot yesterday when I see the tell-tale sign of a deer trespassing in my plot - hoof prints. Then, I see that my bean plants have been eaten, and the tops of all my pepper plants, and the rascally thing ate 1.3 tomatoes, too. And then, I saw the worst part of all - after it snacked in my plot, it pooped in my plot. Yep, Deer poop. Thanks for the present, Bambi. Now, get out and stay out!

I've never had this much trouble, before. Supposedly, tomato plants are their favorite, but my deer seems to like beans and peppers. The beans are probably a total loss, and I'd only gotten 2 handfuls so far. They're fast growers, so if I re-plant now, I might still get some more. The pepper plants - he/she/it left the bigger peppers that were forming, but ate off all the new tiny pepper buds and the flowers, so what I've got now may be all I get.
Boo-hoo. Plus, it munched on cucumber leaves. They're kinda spiky, so I don't know why it kept eating them. 15-20 leaves were missing, not just one or two.

So tonight, back to the garden I go - armed with more fencing!

Oh, and for those of you curious about the re-moving in.....well....Steve-o is probably submitting his essay tonight, so he will be "free" to go back to the re-moving in effort. As long as I can drag him away from his new laptop long enough to sort through some boxes and move furniture. Okay, so we're about a week late, but off we go!

You guys need a picture post. Here's a blast form the past - remember this? No? It's a picture taken the day of "the incident." That's my living room and kitchen....stacked 6 feet high with all the stuff from the the only dry floorspace we could find. So...even if re-moving got a little side-tracked, I've come a long way.

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