The Reconstruction: Sick again!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Sick again!

We've been sick yet again in the busted house. Being sick in the summer sucks. You want to climb under all your covers, but it's too damn hot for that nonsense. And while lying in bed, I'm forced to look at my still unpainted walls.

Well, actually, the bedroom walls are 2x3 blocks of varying shades of blue....none of which are satisfying me. Harbor mist didn't work - too light and cold, and neither did the 5 other color combinations I tried. Maybe blue is the wrong way to go. But I love blue...and I look ever so fabulous in blue that I feel compelled to have at least one room painted that color. Anyone have a blue they're particularly fond of?

I did go on a cleaning spree yesterday and tidied up the bedroom. I was guilty of heaping all my clean clothes on top of my dresser because there was other stuff impeding access to the more stuff. It sort-of looked like a mountain...only one composed of socks, and shorts and tank tops and sweaters that still needed to be boxed up for the summer. Once the cat took to scaling the mountain and knocking everything off on her way down, I decided that a clean-up was in order.
So, now the tops of the dressers all have penicillin on them. We'll see how long the clutter germs stay away.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger MikaJ said...

i am sick too.
freaking sinus infection type thing. the dr wouldnt give me antibiotics. prolly for the best. no need to produce resistant bacteria!


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